Coda equipment is available through select dealers in the United States as listed below. In areas not served by our dealers sales inquiries should be directed to Coda headquarters.

Pricing information is available on request.

Foreign sales are managed by our localized distributors. For sales in your country, find your local distributor in the list below. Non-US pricing information is not available from Coda directly. For local pricing contact your nearest distributor.


Audio Doctor

Sound Consultant

Absolute Audio, Inc.

Audio Limits

Audio Perfection

Swan's Home Theater

Destination HiFi
Email James Thompson directly at:

Audio Archon

Audio Surgeon
Email Andrew Collen directly at:

Big Ear Stereo

Tenacious Sound

House of Stereo


Audio Pro
Email Hans-Jurgen Braemer directly at:


PM Audio

Denmark and Sweden

Exotic Audio


Pro Audio Italia

Malaysia and Singapore

Beijing Feiyunmei Acoustics Company, LTD.


Alcom, Inc.

Benelux Countries

YN Audio

Canary Islands

Jose Luis Baz Perez
Email Jose Luis Baz Perez directly at:


Herchenrader Distributing
Email directly at

HiFi Art